Why is it EVERY single thing this man does is so fucking hot


It is hard to watch an episode of Supernatural and not just go crazy (well you know what I really mean, just trying to not make all of my posts nc-17)… all those hot faces he makes…image




I KNOW you are adorable…and…


emmaducklingswan asked:

Omg Anna, people are comparing Delena to Captain Swan saying it's unhealthy and abusive, can you please explain why it's not the fucking same thing

captainswaan answered:


They always do this shit! They are literally NOTHING alike. 

Like no. Captain Swan is NOT Dullena. 

1. Hook does not go around being rude and disrespectful towards people like Damon does.  

2. Hook is not forcing himself on Emma and trying to take her from someone else. 

3. C/S will NOT have a love that consumes them to the point where it ends up destroying them and the people that are important to them. Like Dullena who just continue to hurt Stefan without giving any fucks.

4. Emma is not forced to love Hook like Elena was forced to love Damon. You know sire bond and all. Such a fail of a ship. 

5. Hook wants to change and be a better person. Unlike Damon who told Elena that he won’t ever change and she accepted him knowing it will be the worst choice she’ll ever make. LOL.

6. Damon goes around killing people because a girl rejected him. Killian would never hurt anyone if Emma were to reject him. 

7. Damon doesn’t let Elena make her own choices. Hook literally tells Emma that if she wants to be with him it will be her HER CHOICE.

8. Hook respects Emma and would do anything for her even if it didn’t benefit him. Unlike Damon who only does things for Elena so he can fuck her. But the moment she breaks his heart he goes and kills her brother.

9. Captain Swan is actually based on respect and mutual understanding of each other. Delena is based on losing your free will and not knowing who the other person truly is. 

Hook: That doesn’t mean I’d leave your father to perish on this island.

Damon: I would have gladly let Matt die, because I am that selfish.

Hook: As you wish.
Damon: You don’t get to make decisions anymore.

Hook to his brother:  I will follow you to the ends of the earth, brother.
Damon to his brother: I promised you an eternity of misery. I’m just keeping my word.

Hook: I wanted to let you know that I do know what it feels like to lose hope.
Damon: You’re going to be miserable/Hope’s a bitch

Just because you don’t like Captain Swan it does not mean it’s abusive and unhealthy like Delena. Killian Jones is nothing like Damon “piece of shit” Salvatore and Elena Gilbert could never be half the women Emma Swan is. They don’t compare. And if you think that they are the same then I’m so sorry to tell you but you might want to get your head checked. Because at this point you are not only delusional as fuck but it’s just plain embarrassing.